Health Tips to Kick-Start the New Year!

This might seem crazy to a lot of us, but 2020 is just around the corner and this time of year is perfect for setting your new year health and nutrition goals! Setting goals for yourself is a great way to stay motivated throughout the year so that you can accomplish your goals!

Tip 1: Set Reasonable Goals For Yourself.

One of the largest contributing factors that lead to people not accomplishing they’re health and nutrition goals is setting goals that are unreachable. This could be setting a timeline that’s too short, unreasonable weight loss quotas or setting goals and not having a plan to put into action. Instead of falling into a never ending cycle, sit down or set some time for yourself to figure out what it is you want to accomplish and breakdown small monthly goals. After each month your end goal will become more realized! Always remember that patients plays a huge role in health and nutrition, it takes time to break old habits and more time to develop new healthy habits.

Tip 2: Find a Good Diet for You.

Before changing your diet right off the bat. Try keeping a food journal for a week so that you can get a good idea about your current nutritional intake. The right amounts of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients are key in creating and maintaining a healthy diet for whatever your ultimate health goal is. After the first week of documenting your meals and snacks, try calculating the macros and micros to see where you are at. This will be a large part in finding the best nutritional plan for your goals.

Tip 3: Get Active!

Physical activity is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle and an important part in accomplishing the health goals you are going for. A good ‘rule of thumb’ to go with is to get a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity throughout the day. Ride your bike to work, take a long walk, go to the gym or if you like being out in nature, try going for a hike. If you don’t have the kind of schedule that will allow you to set aside 30 minutes each day, condense the time and spread it out to an hour a day every other day.

Tip 4: Invest in Self Care.

In addition to the basics of developing a healthy lifestyle, self-care is something that is worth taking the time to prioritize. Self-care will benefit your physical, emotional and mental health. This can be defined as any action that you take to preserve or improve your own well-being and happiness. Making changes to your lifestyle can be stressful, so take some time to pay attention to YOU. Don’t be afraid to learn your limits when it comes to dieting or fitness and adhere to those limits. Not paying attention to your mind and body will result in an unsustainable lifestyle and goals that will be unreachable.

Tip 5: Embrace Change!

Every new year comes with it’s own new changes. Birthday’s, new houses, new cars, graduations, you name it! Why not embrace changes. As you make changes to your eating and fitness regimens, welcome these changes with an open mind. Humans can definitely be creatures of habit, but adapting to something that will benefit your quality of life in the long run is something that ought to be looked at with a positive perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask a family member or close friend to help motivate you if you need an extra hand. Feel free to find your own ways to keep yourself on track with your goals.

Each one of these health tips can be utilized and adapted to whatever lifestyle you lead or are striving towards, so change things up for what best fits you. Be sure that before you make any changes to your diet, consult a Dietitian or your General Practitioner to find out what would be the safest changes to make. If you plan on starting or increasing your level of physical activity, most gyms and activity center will have a trainer available to teach you that best forms to keep your body safe from potential injuries. For any change that you may make, be sure to utilize your resources to keep yourself at your optimum health!

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